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Welcome to Bollister Photo Management!


We love  telling storys with photos and  slideshows. Now you can  make another impression on your customers and clients. Our stunning 3D slideshows lift your companies message to another level. We can show your excellent product- and serviceconcept in full action, with all the benefits they have with our photoshows. We can document your  business event, exhibition or show.

Use us for your private events and  you will receive a  memory for lifetime.  If you use our  photo- and productionskils for your private events, for your family and freinds we catch the best moments and the most valuable memories trough our lens.


Our overall goal is to make your management job easier, and your company extremly profitable.


Try us out as your  Photo Management consultant, and photographer in following areas:

  •   Events, Exhibitions, Product Introductions.
  •   Sponsors Events.
  •   Private Events like Weddings, Birthdays, Sport
  •   Fashion, Glamour 

With our methods and model it is possibel to get a complete overview of your business. It will not only analyse parts of your company, it will give you a series of snapshot from our helicopter view. The result will be documented in a series of management reports, helping you in your descisions.

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Need a photoshow for your company, product or event? We produce it for you.

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