Bollister Management

Welcome to Bollister Management

Our assignments lead to a better structure and a smarter business process.We introduce effective methods, business tools, information- and managementsystems to your business.

We will archive and keep existing knowledge, so it will be an asset for all in your company.

Our overall goal is to make your management job easier, and your company extremly profitable.


Let us be your partner and coworker in following areas:

  1. Management Coach,Change Management Projects.
  2. Temporary Line Management (MD,CIO, IT)
  3. Business critical projects, Business Development.
  4. Sales improvement, Process Management.
  5. Strategic IT-Management.
  6. Sourcing and procurement and Outsourcing projects.

We will give you complete overview of your business.

We will give you a series of snapshot from our helicopter view.

We will document our results in a series of management reports.

We will help you in your descisions and also to implement changes.